Himachal Pradesh

HIMACHAL PRADESH - The abode of the snow

A Glimpse

Himachal Pradesh means the "Abode of snow". Bordering the Himalayan foothills and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh is flanked by some of the important rivers like Beas, Satluj, Yamuna, Ravi & Chenab. The topography of Himachal offers a vast variation when it comes to elevation, ranging from 450m to 6500m. This results in the introduction of the tropical, cool & alpine type of climate within one inclusive state. Himachal is also blessed with pristine lakes, looming monasteries and vintage European glimpses in its architecture, reminding us of the colonial timeline that existed a century ago.

What to expect

When you're in Himachal, reserve a day for staying in Shimla. This state capital was heavily inhabited by the British and is regularly visited for its pleasant weather, the excellent view of the Himalayan vista it provides, the serene ambiance and the cliché British lodges. Go visit the town of Bir that is beautifully dotted with monasteries and is inhabited by Tibetans in a majority. Dharamsala in Himachal is the home to His Holiness The Dalai Lama and is worth a visit. The Kullu Valley, known as the Valley of Gods, is ideal for hopping through ancient temples, apple orchards and for souvenir shopping of ethnic woolens.

Culinary Encounter

The locals of Himachal Pradesh enjoy on some exotic delicacies that are worth exploring. They slice the lotus stems and cook them with ginger, garlic, gram flour and onions to make a dish called "Bhey". A lamb dish prepared with gram flour and yogurt marinade and spices is also very popular. They are extremely fond of steamed buns stuffed with fat called "Siddu". Try on the deep fried bread stuffed with spiced lentils. They are served with a tangy tamarind sauce. You can also enjoy Tibetan dishes like Momo, Thukpa, Tingmo and Luchi Poti in Himachal.

Places you cannot miss

How to Reach

There are functional airports in Shimla, Kangra, and Pathankot that offer flights to Delhi.

The Kalka-Shimla railway track is a declared World Heritage Site. You can also avail railway services from Punjab and Haryana to the areas of Kangra and Shimla.

But Himachal Pradesh is mainly accessible via roads. From Delhi, you can ply via the Delhi-Shimla-Kaza route, Delhi-Manali-Leh route or Delhi-Dharamsala route.

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