DOOARS - The Offbeat Haven

A Glimpse

The Dooars region rolls out through the districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri, and Coochbehar. The vast expanse of this forested kingdom runs through an elevation that varies from 90m to 1,750m. Housing as many as six sanctuaries & national parks in a single miniature Himalayan ecosystem, Dooars is blessed with richness in all its natural grandeur. It starts from the Himalayan foothills, bordering the regions of Bangladesh, Bhutan & Assam, and enjoys a splendid climate shaded beneath the lush green canopies covering the entire region. It is the doorway to the North and is inherently diverse in every aspect.

What to expect

When you're in Dooars, expect to be enveloped in the greenery. The entire region is flanked with serene resorts that are a haven for offbeat enthusiasts. When you’re here, a jeep safari to a wildlife sanctuary to get a glimpse of the exotic Himalayan fauna is inevitable. You will get to encounter Royal Bengal Tigers, leopards, bison, barking deer, flying squirrels, and much more. And you can do that from exclusive tree houses situated near man-made ponds and salt licks built to lure in the wild animals for a better view. Also, go for a light trek around the scenic tea estates and paddy fields flanked by the silvery freshwater creeks that join Teesta & Sankosh.

Culinary Encounters

During your stay, the resorts serve you lavish Indian platters that come in both vegetarian & non-vegetarian variants. A potato dish made with diced potatoes pan-fried with poppy seeds till golden is very popular here. For non-vegetarians, exotic fish recipes prepared with ground mustard, cumin or plainly deep fried are a must try. The fish are extremely fresh, procured from the local streams. You can even check out the local stalls that serve you fried bread and spiced lentil stew, potatoes, eggplants and whole chilies deep fried in gram flour batter, and steamed dumplings filled with vegetables or minced chicken, mutton or pork.

Places you cannot miss

How to Reach

The nearest airport in Bagdogra is 83km from Dooars which connects to all the main cities in India. Rented/reserved vehicles are easily available from Bagdogra.

Many North Bengal State Transport Corporation runs & private mini buses commute to Dooars from towns like Siliguri & Darjeeling. Dooars has an excellent network of roads throughout its premises. The nearest railheads to Dooars are the Madarihaat Railway Station & NJP Railway Station. It’s a scenic ride on rental cars after that.

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