BHUTAN - The last Buddhist kingdom

A Glimpse

Bhutan is a country unique in every aspect. From its diverse climatic conditions, its domestic set up, the environment, to its method of governance, Bhutan has carved out its journey away from the too repetitive clichés that have the world in its hold. Calm, serene, sustaining, delightful & pure, that’s Bhutan for you. 60% covered in greenery, the country is dotted with fortresses & monasteries that hide the age old, priceless cultural treasures related to Buddhism. The land trodden by monks and dragons, Bhutan is beautiful in every aspect, even if visited over and over.

What to expect

You know you're in Bhutan when you run into stark white towers decorated with curling roofs that spark like beaten gold in the morning sun. Men and women walking around in colorful attires, little boys with shaved heads and maroon shawls walking by the dzongs is a common sight in Bhutan, aesthetically so. Their festivals drip with cultural richness as they sway to the chants of age-old songs wearing fearsome masks. Visit the local markets to run your hands through the exotic local edibles and shop on rare collectibles like yak wool accessories, meticulously embroidered attires, hand painted thankas and more.

Culinary Encounters

The people of Bhutan dine high on chili & cheese items. Datsi, a cheese based dish, is cooked with assorted vegetables, dried meat cuts, potatoes or mushrooms. It is generally served with steamed rice and pickles. Try out the local beer called Ara, brewed out of rice or corn, and their special "butter tea". They also are fond of Indian dishes like pea stews prepared with peas & cottage cheese chunks. Buckwheat pancakes and noodles served with curd is a local favorite in Bumthang. And the Tibetan dish, dumplings are also eaten around Bhutan. Here, they prepare it with cheese, papayas, onions, cabbages, carrots and minced meat.

Places you cannot miss

How to Reach

Druk Air, Bhutan's only functional airline, flies from international airports like Kathmandu, Kolkata & Delhi to Paro, the state of Bhutan.

There are no existing railways in the country of Bhutan. But the country is fairly accessible by road from India through the Indian city of Jaigaon.

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